Freedom's Whisper (Freedom, #3)

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Jani's eyes swept the paddock. Freedom's Whisper (Freedom, #3) EPUB EBook No Freedom in sight! She ran toward the open gate with Keeta trotting behind her. Maybe the filly was in the barn. But even as she ran toward the new building, Jani knew Freedom wouldn't be there...

How had she gotten out? Had she learned to undo the latch? Or was someone targeting Jani and Penny's horses? They had no enemies, or none she could think of. That girl, Kara, was a little strange, but she didn't seem malicious or anything. A sudden horrible thought leapt into Jani's head, making her heart thud even faster. No, that was just a crazy idea! The horses couldn't have been stolen, could they? Like this book? Read online this: A Girl and Five Brave Horses (Rediscovered Books), The Baltic States and their Region (On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 3) (On the ... Freedom, & Moral Imagination in the Baltics).

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