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This book is worth the read because some of the tips are good, and there is a good chance you will find some money, even if it is not a lot. Free Money EPUB EBookI didn't find anything for myself personally (yet) but I haven't exhaustively searched everything yet either.A quick search did find lost insurance policies and paychecks for friends and family members though, so that was worth it!

I liked the fact that it is a quick read, and the book sifts through a lot of the nonsense and gives you the important info to start searching.It was not particularly well written though, and some of the information was redundant.They could have easily cut out a couple chapters without losing any valuable information.The first two chapters are repetitive self promotion from himself, but you can get through them quickly from skimming.

You could probably find these resources without the book, but it does give you an easy to read, short format to start looking, so I would say it was worth the purchase as long as you have the right mindset.This isn't to get rich, it is to find money that could be yours and it's a good way to start looking. Like this book? Read online this: A Hard Man is Good to Find, how to earn money without a job - Urban Subsistence Living Off the Land Busking and Hustling (how to make money on the side).

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