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'I wish Mr Trollope would go on writing Framley Parsonage for ever'—Elizabeth Gaskell

The fourth of the Barsetshire Chronicles, Framley Parsonage was published in 1860 to wide acclaim and has always been one of Trollope's most popular novels. Framley Parsonage EPUB EBook In it the values of a Victorian clergyman Mark Robarts, are put to the test. Through a combination of naivety and social ambition, Robarts is compromised and brought to the brink of ruin. Trollope tells his story with great compassion, offsetting the drama with his customary humour. Like all the Barsetshire novels, it is an extraordinarily evocative picture of everyday life in nineteenth- EPUBcentury England.

The only printing of Framley Parsonage that Trollope himself supervised was the serial version in the Cornhill Magazine. The editors of this edition have returned to that text and thus present Trollope's work as he himself would have wished, avoiding hundreds of later corruptions and restoring a number of manuscript readings.

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