Foundation for Future Database Systems

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— Places object databases into perspective and shows how they fit into the relational continuum. Foundation for Future Database Systems EPUB EBook
— Includes important new relational algebra and database programming ideas, and a complete new model for database subtyping and inheritance.
— Includes a detailed review of SQL:1999 (SQL3) and the proposals of the Object Data Management Group (ODMG).Foundation for Future Database Systems: The Third Manifesto offers a comprehensive, insightful proposal for the future of object/relational database management systems. Date and Darwen present a precise, formal definition of an abstract model of data that can be used as a blueprint for designing both databases and database languages — and as a rock- EPUBsolid foundation for integrating relational and object technologies. This new Second Edition has been revised extensively, with major extensions to its inheritance model; download; new language proposals, and improved discussions of many key concepts. The book goes beyond formal specifications, with a detailed discussion of the rationale for each proposal. It will be essential reading for everyone with a serious interest in database technology. Like this book? Read online this: Database Management Systems Handbook, Advanced Database Systems.

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