Forms That Work

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Jarrett and Gaffney have written a very practical book for people who design forms. Forms That Work EPUB EBook They've limited their examples to Web forms, but the principles they are espousing apply as well to forms on other systems, and to paper forms up to and including the tax forms we all know and love, whatever country we call home.

The authors take us from considerations of the relationship between the form and its filler to "the truth" about planning a form for success in a number of different languages. Sometimes it's too early to ask the user to give you a credit card number. And some languages will require you to lay out the form in a different order, so leaving extra room for longer field titles might not be enough.

This book is staying on my "consult" shelf next to my desk. I expect to look at it often. Like this book? Read online this: Forms of Feeling, Forms of Writing.

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