Forgiveness And Other Acts Of Love

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When beset by a series of life- EPUBchanging personal crises, psychotherapist Stephanie Dowrick remembered what she had learned early in her training: there are qualities — the great ancient virtues — that shape life for the better and can be called upon in times of need. Forgiveness And Other Acts Of Love EPUB EBook Dowrick grounds her work in real lives and incidents, drawing on those times when people needed the strength provided by one of the virtues to move on with their lives. She ranges widely in Eastern and Western philosophy and spirituality as well as psychology to explore courage, fidelity, restraint, generosity, tolerance, and forgiveness. Is it possible to be generous and successful? Should we forgive someone who has hurt us deeply? Through stories memorably told, she shows that far from being dull or constraining, these virtues have much to teach us about honor, endurance, tolerance, steadfastness, and, above all, love. Like this book? Read online this: The Virtues of Oxygen, Forgiveness.

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