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Every now and then one discovers something entirely new to himself that resonates, e. Five T'Ang Poets EPUB EBookg., a work of music, an author, etc.This book of ancient Chinese poetry was such a find for me.

The poems of Wang Wei, Li Po, and Tu Fu, in particular, resonated with my love of nature. I think they were particularly poignant in view of the fact that I am currently reading an anthrology of American environmental writings; download; Wang Wei, although writing around 700 C.E. would have fit into this anthology well.He might well have been the first environmentalist.

This poetry is about simple everyday occurrences in life that I think most people today can respond to. The poems are short vignettes that one can spend a pleasant afternoon thinking about, and relating to, the emotions expressed.

Great find!If you like the poetry of Robert Frost you will love these. Like this book? Read online this: The Wadsworth Anthology of Poetry (with Poetry 21 CD-ROM), Four Poets.

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