Fish Can't See Water

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How did Samsung Electronics become the world's largest Consumer electronics company in less than 20 years, unseating dominant Sony Corporation in the process? What pivotal role did the national heritage of both companies play in this? How did Toyota create a sustainable competitive advantage for almost 25 years, by adapting a global business philosophy deeply rooted in Japanese culture? How did the Finnish roots of Nokia and the American roots of GM first help both companies, to only later derail their success?We live in a rapidly globalizing world. Fish Can't See Water EPUB EBook But the world is not flat - EPUB we are not all the same - the world is still round and cultural differences play an increasingly important role in differentiating companies. You can copy processes, but not the heart and the soul of a company. Cultural Drivers explores how management, boards and investors can identify the enabling and derailing cultural dynamics that may create sustainable differentiation. Like this book? Read online this: World Cultural Leaders of the Twentieth Century, To Fish Oar Not to Fish (666: Sea Monsters Book 4).

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