Fang & Fury (Races of Renown)

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Vampire enemies are a staple of fantasy adventure, but the standard race is too powerful for Player Character use in most d20 campaigns. Fang & download; Fury (Races of Renown) EPUB EBook Fang & Fury presents a new race, the vampire scion, which is balanced for play with conventional PC races. These mysterious creatures have their own history, traditions, and paths to power; and though individuals can come to rival the power of elder vampires, they are always vulnerable to the touch of the sun, or the attack of a holy warrior. This definitive vampire sourcebook is the perfect accessory to add these bloodthirsty creatures to any d20 campaign. It's time to feed Like this book? Read online this: A Vampire's Reckoning (The Stone Masters Vampire, #2), Rising Fang.

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