Faith, Hope and Poetry

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The first time I read this book was like the first time hearing a great album of music. Faith, Hope and Poetry EPUB EBookSo many delights... so many unexpected turns... so many great pay- EPUBoffs.

The second time, I found myself looking forward to certain sections, being dazzled by ones I missed the first time, and settling into the lovely, ambient air of Malcolm's poetic prose - itself a testament to the dictum, the medium is the message.

The third time was more absorbing than the first two. Now familiar, sitting longer with certain passages, and giving myself to the work rather than mining it for bankable insights.

Recently, I've taken toselecting chapters and passages in the same way I might select favorite songs according to mood and occasion, reading for sheer pleasure.

But there's uncommon wisdom here as well:

Handily challenging the analytic, reductive and atomizing bluster of the Enlightenment's inordinate reason, Malcolm explores the "power of poetry to renew vision by transfiguring the ordinary, to reveal in 'utter visibility' that things are 'alive with what's invisible.'"

With a reverent mastery of material I've not encountered elsewhere, Malcolm first draws on the archaic Dream of the Rood through Shakespeare to the poetry of Sir John Davies, John Donne, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Milton, Coleridge, and on through Thomas Hardy, Philip Larkin, and Geoffrey Hill to the replenishing fountain that is the poetry of Seamus Heaney. Throughout, his purpose is to "vindicate the imagination and to rekindle our sense of the marvelous."

Like another reviewer has already said, I give this 5 stars because there isn't an option for 10.

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