Face to Face with Race

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This is a book about the reality of race in America. Face to Face with Race EPUB EBook It is a collection of 14 reports by ordinary Americans, whose conventional illusions were shattered by harsh experience. These authors have come face to face with the sobering reality that awaits us as our country ceases to have a white majority, and becomes increasingly black and Hispanic.

“Face to Face with Race offers a glimpse into the dark reality behind the happy slogans of “diversity” and “inclusiveness,” as beleaguered whites cope as best they can with the foolish, poisonous, and occasionally lethal policies imposed on them by judges and politicians.”
—John Derbyshire, social commentator and author, most recently, of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism

“This is a collection of moving, often heartrending, reports from the front lines of racial battlegrounds in America.”
—Byron M. Roth, Professor Emeritus, Dowling College, and author of The Perils of Diversity

“These first- EPUBperson accounts are more powerful and compelling than any of the hundreds of articles about race I have written from an armchair perspective.”
—Jared Taylor, Editor of American Renaissance

“This is a unique collection of stories about inter-racial relations gone bad. The authors warn that eventually, when the United States has a colored majority, almost all whites will face similar problems.”
—Raymond Wolters, Thomas Muncy Keith Professor of History, University of Delaware

“Face to Face with Race is a haunting picture of racial reality. Unless we act soon, this is the future in store for all of us.”
—Peter Brimelow, Editor of VDARE.com and author Alien Nation Like this book? Read online this: Face-To-Face Appearances of Jesus, Face-To-Face Appearances of Jesus.

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