Everyone is a Designer

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Will the Internet of the future just be enhanced television with 'buy- EPUBnow' features? Is it destined to become no more than another leisure and commerce medium, or can it be steered away from this fate by designers, taking it to surprising new directions? In this manifesto designers, critics and multimedia specialists such as Kevin Kelly, Max Kisman, Steven Heller, Aaron Betsky, and Dagan Cohen express their opinions in sharp, thought-provoking questions and declarations. Everyone is a Designer EPUB EBook In a social milieu continually transformed by computers and communication technologies, can design make a difference? Has interactive design lost its battle to interface ignorance? Are we faced with a future in which our bodies will be the interface? Everyone is a Designer is meant to inspire new creativity with its incisive look at the new "Design Economy." Like this book? Read online this: User Interface Design of Electronic Appliances, The Designer Scam.

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