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Spellcasting and magic are two of the most powerful and popular Wiccan arts. Everyday Wicca EPUB EBook Everyday Wicca presents a friendly and fascinating introduction to the art of spellcasting and a thoughtful survey of the Wiccan calendar, explaining the spiritual significance of the phases of the moon, the passing seasons, and holy days.

Chapters include - EPUB Lunar Spellwork — How working in harmony with the moon is essential to successful magick. - The Wheel of the Year — The Eight Sabbats celebrated, as well as sacred God/dess days. - The Rainbow of Magick — The power of color in spellcasting. - The Magick of Incense — The importance of incense in spellcasting. - An A-to-Z glossary of Wiccan terms. - The power of poetry in casting spells.

Additionally, the book provides spells and magickal rites to be performed throughout the year. With Everyday Wicca in hand, readers, whether an experienced witch or an uninitiated novice, can learn to incorporate magick into all aspects of their lives.

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