Eternally Yours

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When Alexia turns eighteen, she and her best friend Kaia go to the Grand Mecca to accept their jobs and their chosen mates. Eternally Yours EPUB EBook Just like she's always done, Alexia hides the fact that she can think for herself, and that she hates the Authorities and how they have always made decions for her and everyone else in the Domain.

Alexia's chosen mate happens to be the heart- EPUBthrob of all the angels in the entire city, Gabriel. Unfortunately, he also happens to be the Overlod's son. This would be any other angel's dream, but not hers. It's hard not to like Gabe, even if he's the evil Overlord's son.

Unfortunately she can't keep her mind off of her new weapon making partner, Shadow. His name fits him well. He's mysterious, dark, and secretive. Oh and he's also a demon.

As an angel, she's not supposed to mingle outside of her species, much less fall in love with one. But then, Alexia has never really done what she was supposed to....

Alexia's world will never be the same again as she faces death, free-will, and forbidden love.

Secrets. Betrayal. Hope. Pain. Sacrifice. Love Like this book? Read online this: Dirty Jobs and Love You to Death, Eternally (Guardians #1).

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