Eternal Day

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Eternal Day shows how modern psychology became a rival to Christianity + Presents positive lessons that enable the reader to embrace the Orthodox Church + Examines the philosophical perspective that derives from Augustine and how it led the Western churches into heresy + Shows how Augustine, Luther and Calvin opened the door to Freud and modern determinism + Tells of the author's powerful conversion from Jewish atheism to the Orthodox Church + Explains how the author found true spiritual fulfillment in the Church, and much more. Eternal Day EPUB EBook Eternal Day is a book that should be read by all Orthodox interested in the Christian alternative to modern thinking. It is the perfect gift to give a non- EPUBOrthodox friend. It is also perfect for college students trying to remain Orthodox in a secular campus environment. Like this book? Read online this: The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity the Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Your Eternal Self.

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