Enchantress Mine

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Like in all Bertrice Small novels, the history in "Enchantress Mine" is richly detailed, the villains are just whacked- EPUBout, and there's a lot of WTF situations that make you shake your head, blink and wonder, "What just happened?"

But, I don't know. Enchantress Mine EPUB EBook..I guess I just don't enjoy Bertrice Small's books as much as I do other bodice rippers.

The heroine Mairin...I both hated and pitied her. So many horrific things happened to her, but I didn't care, because she was SOOOO perfect, SOOOO beautiful, SOOOO resilient! Every man desired her and had to have her (stop me if you've heard this before)! She was just the typical most-beautiful-woman-on-earth heroine that Bertrice Small adores and I had no patience or love for her.

Still, poor Mairin! Her love life sucks. Of her three love interests, one lacks a manhood, another's "manhood" is questionable (at least by the social mores of the time), and the other—the worst of all—is just plain boring!

Nevertheless, Ms. Small can do better! I prefer "Skye O'Malley," "Love, Wild and Fair" or "Wild Jasmine" instead.

2 1/2 stars/ D+ Like this book? Read online this: Disney It's A Small World I Love School!, Black Enchantress #3.

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