Empire of Memory

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This is a land both fact and fiction, where generations leave no trace of themselves and everything is constantly wiped out by clockwork destruction: typhoon, tsunami, earthquake, drought. Empire of Memory EPUB EBook Because of this we have no memory of ourselves: we remember only the last deluge, the last seismic upheaval.

Two friends are hired by Marcos to rewrite Philippine history. Their mission: to make it appear that Marcos was destined to rule the country in perpetuity. Working from an office called Agency for the Scientific Investigation of the Absurd, they embark on a journey that will take them across a surreal panorama of Philippine politics and history, and in the process question all their morals and beliefs. This landscape includes mythological sultans, mercenaries, the Beatles, messianic Amerasian rock stars, faith healers, spies, torturers, sycophants, social climbers, sugar barons, millenarian vigilantes, generals and communists—the dizzying farrago of lovers and sinners who populate the country's incredible story. By the end of their project—and this breathtaking novel—the reader emerges from a world that is at once familiar and unbelievable. It's what real life might look like if both heaven and hell were crammed into it, and all its creatures were let loose. Like this book? Read online this: Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 6, Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy, #1).

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