Elias (West Bend Saints, #1)

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River Andrews

Call me Cinderella. Elias (West Bend Saints, #1) EPUB EBook I'm a rags to riches story - EPUB girl from trailer park becomes Hollywood starlet. And I'm about to get my happy ever after.

That is, until I walk in to my house, three hours before my wedding, to find my rock star fiance sticking his c**k down my sister's throat.

With cameras behind me, filming.

I'm running from the whole humiliating thing. I'm not prepared to run straight into him- Elias Saint.

He's completely wrong for me- damaged, dirty, and demanding.

But once he touches me, I can't walk away.

Elias Saint

Some people carry their wounds on the inside. Every f**cking step I take, I'm reminded of mine.

I lost my leg in Afghanistan. Since then, I've just been lost.

Now I'm going back to West Bend, Colorado, the place my brothers and I ran like hell to get away from.

And she's hitched a ride- River Andrews.

A f**cking movie star.

This isn't a fairytale. Happy endings don't exist. And I'm no f**ing Prince Charming.

But, for her, there's a chance I might be. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Women, Strong Backs, Elias of Elderberry.

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