Eclectic Jackie

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You don't read a Jacqueline Patricks story, you experience it!

Rated Mature

Can't get enough Jackie? Try her anthology!

Jacqueline Patricks' newest offering, her anthology, contains all her current short stories, previously published shorts. Eclectic Jackie EPUB EBook

Whether you prefer sweet romance, mature adult, or medical fiction, there's something in here for you! Jacqueline writes in both deep first person and deep third person limited points of view. This selection of short stories and random work gives you a taste of her eclectic styles.

Stories include:
Downgrade - EPUB paramedic fiction, mature
Dog Days of Dying - paramedic fiction, mature
Captain Lewis' Broken Dreams - prequel to Dreams of the Queen, contemporary romance
Dr. Frank's Sunset - sweet contemporary romance
He Tells Me - freeverse short
Janie - 100 word drabble, previously entered in a writing contest
His Last Gift - mature adult short story
Daniel - prequel to His Last Gift - part of an unfinished series that may remain unfinished (be warned!) mature adult
It's Not Just for Veterans - paramedic short about PTSD Like this book? Read online this: Make Mature Multiply, The Eclectic Gourmet Guide to Washington, D.C..

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