Dreamscapes Magical Menagerie

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Create Fantasy Creatures & download; Animals with Watercolor!Dreamscapes artist Stephanie Pui- EPUBMun Law weaves her spell once again, this time with a focus on winged, underwater and four-legged creatures that captivate with their grace and impossible beauty. Dreamscapes Magical Menagerie EPUB EBook Step by step, you'll learn how to partner with watercolor to paint koi, the Phoenix, Pegasus and other fantastical creatures to inhabit your otherworlds.

Bring life to beasts of water, sky and woods. Follow along, step by step, to create sea turtles, owls, earth dragons...more than 20 mythical and real-world creatures.
Expand your watercolor techniques. This book covers everything from the basics of assembling your tools and selecting paper, to tips for making colors sing and techniques for evoking mysterious, underwater, woodland and celestial settings.
Embrace the possibilities! Sparkling with a sense of whimsy and wonder, and peppered with bits of legend and lore to inform and inspire your art, "Dreamscapes Magical Menagerie" opens your eyes to the makings of fantasy all around you. If you can dream it, you can paint it! Like this book? Read online this: Hockey's Greatest Players (Step into Reading, Step 4, paper), Eddie's Menagerie.

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