Dream Date

EPUB EBook by Sinclair Smith

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Katie's worst nightmare has come true. Dream Date EPUB EBook..and she's in it.

Shy, pretty Katie is dying to meet the perfect boy and fall in love. Then one night when she's asleep, Heath Granger walks into her dreams. He's handsome, charming and exciting. And if he's a little bit possessive, so what? He's only a dream...

But soon, Katie's sleeping more and more, and Heath is becoming stronger and meaner. He doesn't just want to be part of Katie's dreams - EPUB he wants to visit her when she's awake too. Katie's dream date is taking over her life and turning it into a living nightmare... Like this book? Read online this: Katie Holmes, A Dream Interpreted within a Dream - Oneiropoiesis and the Prism of Imagination.

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