Dracula Lives!

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Includes three novels by Peter tremayne about Dracula. Dracula Lives! EPUB EBook

Dracula Unborn: a document is discovered in mysterious circumstances: written by Mircea, son of Dracula, it tells of the monstrous power of the Undead and how he came to scourge the living for centuries.

The Revenge of Dracula: an enigmatic jade figurine brings nightmares to its owner, Upton Welsford. then the woman he loves seems possessed. How does the ancient relic connect him with the Vampire's quest for immortality?

Dracula, My Love: following the death of her lover, governess Morag MacLeod travels to Transylvania where she is employed by the evil Count. Soon she is under his spell and must choose between love and life itself.

Born in the year 1431, violently put to death in 1476, Count Dracula remains horribly Undead in these three chilling, unforgettable tales. Like this book? Read online this: Count Dracula's Teenage Daughter (Transylvanica High, #1), Dracula.

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