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Too many people fight against their own brain and body chemistry when trying to lose weight. Dr. Colbert's " download; I Can Do This" Diet EPUB EBook This is the reason that up until now, diets have only had a 2% success rate. Tired of saying, "I can't do this!" when looking at diet programs? Then let Dr. Colbert help you take advantage of the latest medical breakthroughs that show you how to work with your body, rather than against it to lose weight easily and keep it off for life. Forget the old diets that work against you. With Dr. Colbert's diet, you can say, "I can do this!"
As a medical doctor, Don Colbert deals every day with getting verifiable results that prove a patient is on his or her way to long- EPUBterm health, not just fixing an immediate problem. And that is what this book is about. Far from being a diet, this program offers principles that are meant to last for life, principles that have been proven to work for thousands of individuals for more than a decade and counting. Dr. Colbert helps readers:

Learn the top five reasons why diets fail

Explore several fundamentals of weight loss

Overcome specific roadblocks to weight loss including insulin resistance, neurotransmitter imbalance, hormonal imbalance, and inflammation

Design a program catered just for them, including snacking, cooking, eating out, shopping, supplements, and much more

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