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Author positioning through book publishing is today's most effective business strategy to reach highly targeted groups of people by delivering to them specific information relevant to their interests, needs and lifestyles. Dominating Your Market EPUB EBook People have to see you, and whether you consider yourself a writer or an author you need book marketing to be seen. Most information on book promotion and marketing for authors is designed to sell more books. Dominating Your Market helps you to become a leader and build a tribe, to build a following and build lead generation, to expand your business and dominate social media.

As an author, you gain immediate credibility, respect and expert positioning. You establish yourself as the leader in your field in front of an entirely new market of raving fans. Being an expert in your niche also opens many new opportunities to get your name out there. These include being a guest on television, radio interviews, webinars, teleseminars and more. This added exposure leads to even more clients and places your message into the hands of even more people, ones looking for your product or service. It's time to stop chasing clients and paying for ads and marketing.

Get the "new business card" by writing and publishing your book and prepare to see what it's like to be schmoozed and hunted down as a resource with them now chasing you. By following the simple instructions in this book, you will have all that you need to make this year your best year yet and to soar above the competition. It's time for you to dominate your market!
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