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The plot of Dog Lost reads like a list of cliché download; s. Dog Lost EPUB EBook Twelve- EPUByear-old Mackenzie is given a pit bull puppy by his alcoholic, abusive father, who then loses his temper with the animal and throws it out. The bewildered pup learns to live on the streets, brings a touch of magic to the lonely, falls foul of a dog-fighting ring and saves a few lives. Meanwhile, the council is voting on a motion to ban this dangerous breed from the borough...

Ingrid Lee's prose style, however, keeps the story fresh and engaging. Her descriptions of Cash the dog, based on her own pet, are particularly delightful: when the puppy lies down to sleep after a meal, her tummy spreads out 'like a jam doughnut'. There's a large cast of heroes and villains both human and animal, and even the most minor characters get a resolution to their bit of plot at the end. Tearjerking, heartwarming, satisfying reading. Like this book? Read online this: Animal Style, The Twice Lost (Lost Voices, #3).

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