Doctor Who (The Companion Chronicles, #2.3)

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The Big Finish Companion Chronicles is fast becoming one of my favorite lines published by Big Finish. Doctor Who (The Companion Chronicles, #2.3) EPUB EBookThey are not full audio plays like most Big Finish Productions, but rather narrated stories by the Doctor's companion, in this case, Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge- EPUBStewart, withToby Longworth performing the part of Konrad Schrader.Having two actors almost turns this into a two-handed play, but much of the story is narrated rather than performed.There are some effects, but not as many as in a full audio play.However, the Companion Chronicles format allows for stories featuring previous Doctors.This is a story of the Third Doctor (played on Doctor Who by Jon Pertwee) and his companion, the Brigadier.It takes place shortly after The Silurians.
The story involves an old friend of the Brigadier's, who's now a commander at a UNIT base in Germany.He sends a desperate message for help to the Brigadier.When the Brigadier arrives, he find his friend extremely ill, a commandant in charge who's a bit of an idiot, and an honest-to-goodness haunted German castle.And the ghosts - are armed.
It's a good story.The only thing that prevents me from giving this a perfect Five is that I found the very end a bit depressing.It made sense but it was still a tad depressing. Like this book? Read online this: Doctor Who (Big Finish Audio Drama, #156), Doctor Who (The Companion Chronicles, #4.11).

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