Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 2

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Three separate stories, what made them all really great were the references to other Doctor who episodes and the appearance of characters I never thought I'd see again. Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 2 EPUB EBook

The Eye of Ashaya- EPUB Here we get a reference from the 9th Doctor as well as the appearance of a character from one of the Tenth Doctor's Specials.A fun tale involving Amy and Rory and a luxury spaceship voyage.

Space Oddity- This was my favorite of the bunch, it involved a solo Doctor and a lesser known but very real historical character!This story was very space heavy (yay!) but what made it absolutely AWESOME is the reappearance of a fan favorite alien race that I never thought I would see again.

Time Fraud- This was another Pond adventure that had some cool twists and turns even if it was much shorter than the first two stories.The end has a Torchwood reference which is always fun!

Overall, a really fun read!Great characterization of the Doctor and the Ponds.The author really taps into the things that make Doctor Who fun for the fans, plenty of nods and winks to other episodes and characters within the universe we all love so much! Like this book? Read online this: Doctor Who (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: 8), Doctor's Orders (The PMS Private Investigator Series, #2).

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