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I found this book in a box while I was cleaning in the Garage. Doctor Who EPUB EBookI am not sure why I saved the book, but I decided to give it a read.While I am sure this Doctor Who adventure made for great TV.The book version of this adventure was a rather disorganized read.The story is told from "discovered" historical documents or diary entries.This taints the story drasticly from one characters point of view to the other.This point of view might have been interesting at one time, but I found it very anoying in this case.The characters are all ignorant of their surroundings, very opinionated and for the most part totally delusional as to what is happening around them.It was a bit anoying while I'm sure the writer of the book was trying to be amusing.

Do not get me wrong, the book is amusing and a very very fast short read.The book is so short that any problems can be over looked simply because you will be done so quickly. Like this book? Read online this: Dance with Me (A Miracle Short Story Book 2), Doctor Who and the Time Warrior (Target Doctor Who Library, # 65).

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