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Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred appear in one of three full- EPUBcast BBC radio dramas based around the real-life worlds of Doctor Who. Doctor Who at the BBC EPUB EBook

Doctor Who, the TV series which millions adore, is the inspiration for these three original radio plays. Presented in their entirety, they each focus on the effect which the programme has had on the lives of ordinary – and some extraordinary – people.

Regenerations by Daragh Carville: In this powerful and moving play, a group of friends reunite for an annual Doctor Who convention. Set against a backdrop of the Belfast troubles, the play deals with themes of sexuality and love, and features appearances by Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred.

Blue Veils and Golden Sands by Martyn Wade: Delia Derbyshire was the delightful and unusual woman who created the unique sound of the original Doctor Who theme tune. This is a dramatised account of her early days at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and her later recollections of that time.

Dalek, I Love You by Colin Sharpe: Nigel’s obsession with Doctor Who is a source of some concern to his mother. When he meets the girl of his dreams at a convention, life at home seems set to change forever…

Contains adult themes and language. Like this book? Read online this: Doctor Who and the Green Death (Target Doctor Who Library, No. 29), Doctor Who and the Time Warrior (Target Doctor Who Library, # 65).

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