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Bring out the divine in your canine! Obedient, devoted, and happy—that's what we all want our dogs to be. Divine Canine EPUB EBook Let Brother Christopher and the Monks of New Skete show you how to get there through the stories of sixteen unruly dogs who came to them with more than a few lessons to learn. In this engaging and informative companion book to the hit Animal Planet series of the same name, renowned masters in the art of raising and training dogs, demonstrate tried and true techniques for influencing animal behavior, showing how a caring attitude and honest communication can turn any dog into a divine canine. Featuring:
The Monks' Way: inspiring insights into the special New Skete training methods Tips on tackling problems: dominance, aggression, separation anxiety, and more "What if" guides when things don't go as planned Glossary of key training techniques Step- EPUBby-step photos and full-color illustrations of dogs in training at the New Skete monastery
A must-have for anyone who loves dogs, Divine Canine offers unique and entertaining lessons that resonate far beyond the food dish and water bowl. Like this book? Read online this: 100 Things You Should Know about Dogs & Puppies, Divine Justice (Divine Trilogy, #2).

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