Discipline Without Distress

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I thought this book was pretty worthless. Discipline Without Distress EPUB EBook Aside from a fairly interesting section on child psychology, she doesn't really say anything of any use whatsoever. She mostly keeps repeating that spanking and punishment don't work but doesn't really give any really specific tools to use as discipline.
Plus, there is a whole section in the back that she spends justifying why children should be allowed to watch tv and play video games (yikes!) and actually mentions several times throughout the book how she reorganizes her family time around her kids tv watching. She also says that ice cream is a healthy option for a snack. Ummm, hello? Is this the type of person you want to take parenting advice from? I decided no. Like this book? Read online this: Love Doesn't Play By The Rules, Their Distress Is Almost Intolerable.

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