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I was a teenage T. Dinoverse EPUB EBook Rex!

Survival of the fittest has always been the rule at Wetherford Junior High. So when Bertram Phillips's science fair project sends his mind back 67 million years, he's well prepared. After all, as the class brain, he's learned how to avoid predators.

But Bertram's not prepared for his new tanklike, spike- EPUBbacked Ankylosaurus form. He's become a dinosaur—and so have three other fellow students.

Mike, the star quarterback who's never had much of a killer instinct, must wrestle with the hunger pangs of a T. Rex. Candayce, the beauty queen, is forced to suffer the thunder thighs of a Leptoceratops, while the morose Janine now soars blissfully on the wings of a Pterodactyl.

With prehistoric perils at every turn, Bertram, Mike, Candayce, and Janine band together to find their way back home in what were once their own back yards.

Theirs is an amazing, wildly comical, and very human journey...through the Age of Dinosaurs.

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