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“Dinosaurs” by Gail Gibbons is an informational text that is packed with information about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs EPUB EBook It included details about why the dinosaurs were on Earth and the different kinds. The dinosaurs died around 70 million years ago and over time became fossils under stones.With each picture of a dinosaur was a pronunciation on how to pronounce the name of that dinosaur. The text begins by explaining how the dinosaurs came to be and ends with how they became an extinct species.

The illustrations of this book were unrealistic. The dinosaurs looked like cartoon images and consisted of dull colors. The colors of the dinosaurs were unrealistic, as well as the scenery. For example, there would be an orange dinosaur and a purple mountain. The language that Gail Gibbons uses is clear and simple to follow. This would be a good book for young children to understand.
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