Dim Sum Dead (Madeline Bean, #4)

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Mah- EPUBJongg?

Yep. Dim Sum Dead (Madeline Bean, #4) EPUB EBook In hip Hollywood, that kitsch old game is fast becoming the next "new" obsession — and that calls for a party! Madeline Bean and her charming partner Wesley Westcott are determined to throw a gonzo Chinese New Year banquet. But among the hot mah-jongg tiles, the steamy dim sum, and the frosty Singapore slings, no one expects to find one of the players ice-cold dead!

Meanwhile, in one of the historic celebrity mansions that Wesley is restoring as a sideline, a well-aimed crowbar uncovers a stash of precious objects — including an antique mah-jongg set. As Madeline pieces together how these two events are connected, she must separate the yin from the yang to uncover a killer. It doesn't take a fortune cookie to spell it out. There is always a price to pay...whether gambling at mah-jongg — or murder. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Family, Strong Child, Madeline.

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