Destiny's Path

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In one night, Sasha Edwards’ life forever changes when a rogue Lupus viciously attacks her and infects her with the Lupus virus. Destiny's Path EPUB EBook The Pack doctor and Beta wolf, Flynn LeGuer, is the only man who can save her. But his professional and personal boundaries are tested when he discovers Sasha is the woman he’s been waiting for his entire life—his True Mate.

Sasha must dig deep to find the courage she never knew she possessed when Flynn tells her the truth of her new life: she's not only a wolf but his mate as well. Can they trust each other enough to reclaim a long- EPUBdenied passion? And can they stop the ancient evil pursuing them before it destroys their life together yet again? Like this book? Read online this: A Life of Unlearning - one man's journey to find the truth, Destiny (The Destiny Trilogy Book 1).

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