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Mike Monteiro is someone I have repeatedly followed and unfollowed on Twitter over the last few years. Design Is a Job EPUB EBook His occasional clever wit and insight is largely eclipsed by his brash and arrogant stream- EPUBof-consciousness. He picks fights, makes fun of people, and is probably one of the design field's most notorious smug assholes.

Yet, somehow, in Design is a Job his grouchiness melts away. His arrogance becomes helpful confidence. His gripes transform into wisdom learned the hard way. Foul-mouthed cursing becomes — well, slightly less foul-mouthed cursing.

In a departure from his somewhat irritating guise on the web, this long-form version of Mike Monteiro is tack-sharp and full of genuinely smart and thought-provoking advice on being a designer. The book feels very blue-collar and non-academic, covering hard lessons he's learned over the years like getting clients, protecting yourself legally, believing in your work, collaborating with peers or clients, or directing other designers. It's also as funny as it is practical.

In Design Is A Job I recognized hard lessons I've learned so far in my career, and got plenty of advice for navigating new challenges ahead. Recommended. Like this book? Read online this: Lessons Learned from Project Disasters, How to Design.

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