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This wide- EPUBranging compilation of interviews offers a colorful and candid introduction to the personalities, passions, and work of thirty- four respected designers, artists, authors, and media producers. Design Dialogues EPUB EBook With design as the common thread, each exchange opens an individual perspective on the visual culture at large, ranging in focus from the manipulative power of images to the place of theory in design practice to the myriad interactions between design and life. The stories are woven from experiences in media, theory, history, politics, and the blurry realm of interactivity, and are told by such notables as Ellen Lupton discussing her life as a design curator, Tibor Kalman confronting the relationship between practice and social responsibility, John Plunkett on his motivations for founding Wired magazine, and Ralph Ginzburg telling all about the controversial publication that ultimately sent him to prison. Both an oral history of graphic design and a living record of where we are today, these engaging and evocative dialogues provide anyone interested in design or popular culture with a means of understanding, as well as ideas for working in, the visual world around them.

Included are thirty-four black-and-white illustrations and interviews with: Massimo Vignelli, Paul Rand, Stephen Doyle, Jonathan Barnbrook, Jonathan Hoefler, Michael Ian Kaye, Dana Arnett, Chris Pullman, Jose Conde, Nicholas Callaway, George Lois, Philip Meggs, Rick Prelinger, Dan Solo, Rick Poynor, Ellen Lupton, Katherine McCoy, Johanna Drucker, Ivan Chermayeff, Milton Glaser, Michael Bierut, Sue Coe, Stuart Ewen, Ralph Ginzburg, Tibor Kalman, Richard Saul Wurman, Michael Ray Charles, Morris Wyszogrod, Jules Feiffer, Rodney Alan Greenblat, David Vogler, Edwin Schlossberg, Robert Greenberg, and John Plunkett. Like this book? Read online this: Popular Lies About Graphic Design, Constitutional Dialogues.

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