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“Hot. Delicious Sex EPUB EBook” – West Coast Review of Books

Revised for the 21st century, restaurant critic and novelist Gael Greene’s amusing and amazingly useful DELICIOUS SEX is finally available again after 15 years of underground traffic.

Have you lost that sexy edge? Does it seem that your guy uses the same old moves to turn you on? And it just isn’t working. Are you getting the message that digital games on his cell are more fun for him than you?

Gael Greene’s gourmet guide to sensual pleasure will show you how to have more fun, erotic mischief and satisfying loveplay between the sheets. Lighthearted, imaginative, uninhibited, and inspired, this book will teach you everything you need to know about the art, the cunning, the cuisine, and the dance of making love. Complete with charts, exercises, seductive menu plans, and downloadable fantasy coupons.

Just read “69 Ways to Turn Him On” and that night you can discover a new level of sexuality. Or start at the beginning and in no time you will learn to be happier in your body, more provocative in your bedroom, and sexier in your brain. You will be more fun (and having more fun) in bed.

Benefit from Gael’s provocative take on “How to Eat a Fig,” “Verbal Foreplay,” “Fork Play: Seduction at the Table,” or such practical advice as “How to Find Out What He Really Likes,” “The Power of Orgasm,” and “Out of the Bedroom” for 35 other places to make love.

“Irreverent, droll, and highly inventive!” – Gay Talese

“One of the most amusing, serious, and outrageously humorous books on the subject of sex I’ve read” – Craig Claiborne

“A guide to passionate, playful, and creative sex…A how- EPUBto book in the art of making love…written for women who want to feel more comfortable in their bodies, sexier in their minds, and more desired in bed, or as Greene would no doubt suggest, on the backyard swing or under the kitchen table.” – Boston Herald

“If you shuffled the pages from Joy of Cooking with The Joy of Sex, you would come up with Gael Greene’s Delicious Sex.” – The Aspen Times

“While her approach is wryly humorous, Ms. Greene is not just fooling around…consulting the experts, she’s come up with the basic tenet that sexual confidence is the key to sexual success…her prescriptions for achieving bliss between the sheets are indeed inventive.” – Ruth Coughlin, Detroit News.

“Professional hedonist Gael Greene writes about sex with the kind of abandon those with good memories will recall longingly. Funny throughout, especially the section on eating a fig” – The New York Post

“Only Gael Greene could combine a love of food, sex, and a rollicking good time, producing a light-hearted manual for lovers.” – Nancy Friday

“Boring sex could be a thing of the past for anyone who dares to peek between the covers of Delicious Sex. – Baker & download; Taylor Book Alert

Cover by Diane Painter Velletri for Chow Ciao
Interior illustrations by Dave Calver Like this book? Read online this: Graham Greene, Delicious.

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