Degas and the Little Dancer

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Author/Illustrator: Laurence Anholt
First Published: 1996

How do you make Art accessible to children? Tell them stories about the artist, his subject, or the World around them. Degas and the Little Dancer EPUB EBook

And that's what Anholt does so well.

In his story of Degas, Anholt takes a single piece Little Dancer of Fourteen Years and weaves a factional story of Marie van Goethem.

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Anholt engages his readers in the story of a wannabe ballerina who, while unable to continue her studies due to financial restraints, becomes the most famous ballerina in the world by posing for Degas. Anholt discusses (and shows) Degas' artistic style, and his troubled relationship with the dancers. We, like Marie, learn to accept and understand him.

This is a beautiful series of books. And "Degas and the Little Dancer" is a beautiful inclusion.

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Read aloud: 5+
Read yourself: 8+

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(ISBN 978-0-7641-3852-2)
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