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This is an AMAZING book!!! Kevin Richardson is definitely my new hero/role model. De Leeuwenfluisteraar EPUB EBook I read this book because I want to work with big cats when I am older, and when I heard of him I just /had/ to read his book. Kevin is really humble about what he can do, and seems like a really nice person. I am really jealous of him, and wish I had the money to go to Kingdom of the White Lion and volunteer or something. The book was REALLY interesting, and I couldn't put it down. I finished it really quickly. I had to light a ton of candles at night to see, since we were out of power from Hurricane Irene. :) He puts humor into his stories, like Lenny the cheetah. I found that very amusing. Although, there were times when reading the book that I felt the weight of a situation, like when he described how Homer died. I recommend his book to EVERYONE. I've been telling my parents, sister, and grandma that they should read it because it's great. I learned a lot, and it really did change my opinion on animals such as hyenas, which I didn't know much about. They are actually really smart. xD I would be happy if the book never ended and I got to read it forever. It made me want to find Kevin Richardson and make him teach me everything he knows. Or email him or something. I'm convinced I'm his biggest fan. :) Like this book? Read online this: Don't Read This Book Whatever You Do, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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