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Daughter of China is a memoir full of fascinating background about the author's upbringing, schooling, family, and life in China. Daughter Of China EPUB EBook Born in 1963 and recruited into the People's Liberation Army in 1981, she became one of an exclusive, dozen, young women selected as the first female recruits (known as "the Twelve Pandas") to attend the PLA’s Institute for International Relations.

This is also a love story and tale of intrigue that culminates with Meihong Xu's desperate efforts to join her American- EPUBborn husband in the US. Four stars is on the generous side given the some times choppy, repetitive quality of the writing, but three stars felt too stingy.

My biggest criticism actually lies with the brief, dissatisfying afterword that I felt undermined the strength of the story that came before. Including it was an unfortunate decision in my opinion. Perhaps it might have worked if it had been written by Meihong Xu rather than Larry Engelmann. The change in voice was awkward and disrupted the mood created by the preceding carefully told narrative, and shifted the focus to questions about their life and experiences after 1990, which is when the narrative really concludes and should have been allowed to stand.
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