Daffodil Principle

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This is a good little book. Daffodil Principle EPUB EBookIt reminds us how we can do amazing things just one step, or one day at a time.

Favorite quote.

"One bulb at a time.There was no other way to do it.One bulb at a time.No shortcuts—simply loving the slow process of planting.Loving the work as it unfolded.Loving an achievement that grew slowly and bloomed for only three weeks of each year."

"We can choose a goal and begin to move toward it.By multiplying tiny pieces of time with increments of daily effort, we can accomplish magnificent things.We, too, can change our world." Like this book? Read online this: Loving the Norseman / Loving the Knight / In the Norseman's House Trilogy (The Hansen Series Book 20), The Werewolf Principle.

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