Croaker (Fey Croaker Novels - Book 1)

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Los Angeles homicide detective Fey Croaker must solve the recent murder of a pretty, forty- EPUBsomething woman whose fingerprints surprisingly identify her as a previous murder victim from eighteen years earlier. Croaker (Fey Croaker Novels - Book 1) EPUB EBook

At 43, Fey Croaker has survived three dead-end marriages, a severely abusive upbringing, and the relentless resentment of her male colleagues on the force. Now, because of a streak of unsolved murders, she feels extra pressure to solve the murder of a mysterious woman who had multiple IDs in different names, a million dollars in cash, and only new clothing and furniture in her equally new condo at the time of her death.

Fingerprints inexplicably reveal the woman had already been murdered – 18 years earlier in San Francisco. Despite this twist, the case appears to be open and shut – the woman's ex-husband, convicted of killing her the first time, was released on parole weeks before her second murder. However, the victim has many more surprises for everyone involved – especially for Fey, who finds herself becoming one of the suspects when her investigation takes a turn for the deadly. Like this book? Read online this: Woman, Church and State; A Historical Account of the Status of Woman Through the Christian Ages, MISSION VERITAS (Black Saber Novels Book 1).

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