Crimson Hungers (Lone Star Vampire, #2)

EPUB EBook by Alecia Monaco

EBook Description

Agent Katya Stern with the Texas Slayer Squad is not only a slayer; download; she also has psi- EPUBabilities, enabling her to read and gather information from energy signatures of humans and vampires alike. Crimson Hungers (Lone Star Vampire, #2) EPUB EBook Assigned to solve the case of two humans who seem to have been murdered by vampires, she goes to Crimson Hungers - a club catering for vampires where she wants to have a closer look at the clientele. All of that is forgotten when she meets the owner, vampire Rex Fontainebleau. When their energies accidentally collide, a connection is formed between them. They can only go a few minutes before they have to touch each other intimately. What’s a girl to do? Like this book? Read online this: A Girl's Guide to Vampires (Dark Ones, #1), Lone Star Secret.

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