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H. Crime and Mystery EPUB EBookR.F Keating, author of The Perfect Murder and mystery reviewer for teh Times of London, offers a concise commentary on the finest mystery books ever written. From Poe's tales of mystery and imagination to P.D. James's A Taste for Death, Keating delivers a highly- EPUBreadable evaluation of the 100 authors and their masterpieces. This collection is a must for all devoted mystery readers. "Something to offer almost everyone. If you are only just embarking on a life of crime fiction...a reliable guide." -The New York Times "Remarkably balanced and highly entertaining." -Library Journal "Keating, himself a mystery writer of note, has compiled a truly standout survey...This is a gold mine of lively writing, sensible insights and easy-going erudition." -The Philadelphia Inquirer "Ideal browsing fare." -Booklist Like this book? Read online this: The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, Death on Heels (A Crime of Fashion Mystery #8).

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