Create and Move Forward in Life

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Are you looking for meaning in your life? Do you feel unconnected, unseen and forgotten, walking all alone? Do you sense this void in your life, and you're hoping for color and passion to fifi ll your daily living? Do you want to make a difference, living the music that's in your heart? Do you inspire to live life rather than being a bystander and just going through the motions? Do you desire to experience your dreams?

"Dreams are powerful callings that you can't ignore. Create and Move Forward in Life EPUB EBook They come when you least expect them, showing what you are capable of creating and being. They are your visions of possibilities if you allow them to be nurtured in your vivid imagination."

"Through these creative adventures, you will experience the powerful knowing that one of the greatest joys of life comes from seeing the birth of your creations and sharing them with others. If you feel that your life is missing joy and excitement, it is because you are not creating. Creations have a life force- EPUBlike a breath of fresh air-bringing clarity and meaning to your existence, and making you feel alive as never before." Like this book? Read online this: Tiny House Living 20 Life Hacks on How to Build and Live Well In Less than 350 Square Feet, To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love.

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