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The book begins with the differences between a contract and covenant marriage. Covenant Marriage EPUB EBookThe contract marriage is built upon the notion of self- EPUBsatisfaction.In other words, the reason a person gets married is to satisfy their own desires, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual.Chapman declares that this type of marriage is not the ideal that God purposed for man.

Instead, Chapman argues that covenant marriage is the goal that Christians should desire.A covenant marriage is one that is initiated for the benefit of another person and based in steadfast love.The prime example being, God's own covenants that He made with Israel.In these covenants, God reaches out to Israel in love.God promised Abraham that his descendants would be many and so it came to be.God’s promises never fail.

Some argue that God is perfect and that people are sinners, therefore it is unreasonable for God to expect the covenant marriage ideal.It is true that sinners cannot perfectly commit to a covenant marriage by themselves.But that does not mean covenant marriages cannot be a true reality.Christians can enter into a covenant marriage because Christ has enabled His sheep to do so.With Christ, covenant marriage is a reality because Christ is the perfect covenant keeper and imparts his righteousness upon His sheep.

Intimacy and communication within the marriage are then discussed.Intimacy is a key part of marriage and it can only be gained through healthy patterns of communication.Chapman admits that communication is not easy.But, it is necessary and can be achieved when both partners desire it.The first step is to acknowledge unhealthy patterns in one’s own life.By realizing one’s own faults, change can occur.The goal is to be able to express the nature and desires of one’s own heart to the other and vice versa.This all taking place within the context of a loving and caring environment where the desires of the other person are held in regard over one’s personal desires.

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