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Littlebug Speaks(This review is from the viewpoint of my 1 year old daughter who is know reading these books. Counting EPUB EBook): "These books are so much fun! I'm just starting to speak up and tell my mom exactly which books I want to read and these are always first on the list. My favorite pages are a bumpy read strawberry and the smiling giraffe with the number one next to him. Every page is so much fun to feel and I love all of the colors, they're so bright! Even the outside cover of each of these books is covered in bumpy rising colors and numbers!

"My mom bought these for me because I'm definitely a touchy- EPUBfeely kind of girl. I like to hold onto things and the more bumps and lumps the better! She still won't let me get them in my mouth though, but I'm going to keep trying. These are great books and I highly recommend them!"

Mom's Two Cents (My review): "She's right, I bought these books because my Littlebug (who's not looking so little recently) loves textures and colors. Since she was a very small baby she enjoyed cuddling up with a soft cozy blanket and always had to have socks on her feet. The Turkeybird was/is quite different and definitely enjoys more technical analytical things. So, when I saw these books in the new Tiger Tales catalog, I knew I had to get them for her.

"Each of these books teach basic beginning concepts - colors and numbers - five in each. In the counting book it not only shows an actual numeral representation, but a physical representation ie. five fish. The colors book has pages the help even a little reader connect actual 'real life' images (an ocean with sailboats) with the words on the page. All of the pages are covered in textured goodness and beautiful colors. These books are for the kiddo in your life who loves touching, snuggling, smooshing, and just about anything tactile. Wonderful beginning books for beginning readers and learners!" Like this book? Read online this: Teenage Life Skills (Life & Business Self Help Pocket Books (Life & Business Self Help Pocket Books (10 min read)), My First Counting Book.

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