EPUB EBook by Louis Nowra

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This was fun. Così download; EPUB EBook Set amidst the 70's backdrop of free love, Lewis, a recent university graduate, becomes the director for a mental institution's play - EPUB Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte, an opera about love and infidelity. Only no one can sing, few can act, and Lewis is hardly equipped to deal with the various patients' quirks.

There isn't much room to give the character's a lot depth, but I think the play did an okay job with its portrayal of the characters from the mental institution. They weren't demonised, nor were their problems glossed over. Everyone aside from probably Doug the pyromaniac were humanised to some extent. I'm not sure whether the line of black humour crosses into bad taste with Doug. He's committed for setting fire to his mother's cats, and throughout the play characters dismiss his obnoxious remarks with "go burn a cat". This eventually includes Lewis, and acts as one of the marks of his growing familiarity and involvement with the rag tag group of mental patients. It struck me as a bit weird, though. Am I being clouded by my love of cats? I think Doug is just a badly dated character in general, with his oh so humorous questioning about Lewis possibly being gay and all that.

The little love subplot seemed kind of thrown in there. The links to the love plot in Cosi Fan Tutte are apparent but it would have had more oomph if they'd gone into more detail about the hypocrisy involved in the real-life love drama. There's quite a few lines about the double standards between men and women when it comes to love and infidelity, but it didn't seem like Lewis really came to grips with that. The class aspect of the story was more interesting to me. I loved the way certain patients fixated on Lewis being university educated. It was appropriate, especially for Roy. Oh my god, Roy. He was definitely the highlight of the entire play.

Overall, it was a funny and light-hearted, if a bit forgettable. The ending was pretty jarring when it explains the fates of the mental patients. It's realistic for the most part, but still, talk about mood whiplash. (view spoiler)