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Parenting books are tough. Confident Parenting EPUB EBookEither they talk straight philosophy without any practical and useable practices or they are all "tips" with no big picture focus.This was a good mix.
My favorite tips:
1. Carving out time to celebrate the Sabbath as a family.No TV, phones, work or chores.Other than having a meal together, it should simply be a time of rest and fun connecting as a family.Games, naps, outdoor activities, and the like were listed.
2. Create a family vision, mission and goal.Particularly for the mission, it needs to be short and easy enough to remember so even little ones know what the mission of your family is.
3. Celebrations and traditions: Burns encouraged to celebrate even more than just Christmas and birthdays.I liked that in his family they say three favorite things about the birthday person.Also, he suggested celebrating simple things (learning to ride a bike, first time they showed significant responsibility, etc) and significant spiritual growth as well (baptism, accepting Christ, first time taking communion).
4. Burns talked about leaving a legacy.How does he do it practically?He and his wife meet every six months to talk about each of their kids.How they are doing, what they need to learn, experiences they want their child to have and how they plan to implement these things.By far, I thought this one things was probably the best tip.Also, his wife took each of their 3 daughters individually on a weekend away to discuss sexuality the way God intended and then Burns took them out a few years later to show each of his girls how they should be treated on a date.

Burns had lots of great advice.I also liked the encouragement he gave to those who didn't have great role models for parents and "breaking the cycle."The one thing I didn't like about the book was an on- EPUBgoing story at the beginning of each chapter.I understand why he used it but his chapters were filled with enough other "real" stories that I felt he didn't need it to carry his book.I'm thankful I read this book and would absolutely recommend it to other parents. Like this book? Read online this: Best Soccer Goalkeepers Of All Time. Easy to read children soccer books with great graphics. All you need to know about the best soccer goalies in history. (Sport Soccer IQ book for Kids), Become a Confident Freelance Writer.

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